Learn a New Language Quickly & Easily

If you learn a foreign language at school, learn it for work or travel, or even simply enjoy it, you are indispensable for this book, which explains to you the famous teacher Bill Handley:

  • How to build your vocabulary in record time

  • How to understand grammatical rules easily

  • Why should you use more than one language learning book?

  • How to use "lost" time - the time you did not know you had - to learn the language

  • What to do when you want to give up


The book also deals with the most effective ways of learning languages, including the most ambiguous methods such as passive learning and effective learning, how to memorize the alphabet and writing systems in different languages, how to use recorded material, and how to exploit electronic resources. This book will make you speak the new language in a few months; it's your key to making learning the language a fun and fun one.


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